SureYield X crow with knife Partnership
2 min readMay 25, 2024


SureYield is proud to announce our partnership with crow with knife (all lowercase) community and will be listing the project in our Reward Program.

How is crow with knife community benefiting from SureYield?
Every time SureYield users deposit USDC or refer others to the platform, they receive tickets to win USDC from the monthly reward program. By choosing to support crow with knife, the project will get 1% of the total tickets claimed by the user. This also present an opportunity for crow with knife project to also win the draw. The reward program aims at fostering consistent engagement and visibility for the crow with knife project within the SureYield ecosystem.

About crow with knife
crow with knife
is a Memecoin that first launched on the Cronos chain by the Cro Crow community. Cro Crow was the first NFT deployed on the Cronos chain, on block 946. $CAW is a decentralized memecoin with 100% of the supply is in circulation from day one.
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The “crow with knife” meme originates from a real-life incident involving a crow named Canuck in Vancouver, Canada. In 2016, Canuck gained notoriety for stealing a knife from a crime scene, which was widely reported in the media. Canuck’s exploits, including his knife-stealing antics, have since become the subject of numerous fan art and even a dedicated art exhibition. Canuck has also been known for his other mischievous behaviors, such as riding the SkyTrain and frequenting a horse track.

The meme has evolved to include various iterations and adaptations, with people creating and sharing images and videos featuring crows with knives. It has even inspired a cryptocurrency called “crow with knife” (CAW), which has seen significant price fluctuations and trading volumes.

It’s worth noting that the original Canuck was not just a meme; he was a real bird with a fascinating life story. He was hand-raised by a human and later released into the wild, where he continued to interact with humans and even became a father. Canuck’s story is a testament to the intelligence and adaptability of crows, as well as the power of the internet to turn a simple event into a global phenomenon.

About SureYield:
SureYield simplifies yield farming. Our AI-managed protocol handles all the complex tasks including automating complex strategies, empowering users to focus on earning USDC. Gone are the days of choosing pools and manually managing positions!

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