SureYield V2 Arrives: Simplified Yield Farming, Maximized Returns
2 min readMay 8, 2024


After much anticipation, SureYield is thrilled to announce the official launch of SureYield V2, a groundbreaking upgrade to our AI-managed liquidity protocol on the Polygon PoS network. V2 introduces a suite of refinements that dramatically streamline the yield farming process while boosting your earning potential.

Key V2 Enhancements

Single Yield-Farming Pool: To simplify the earning experience for all users, the platform now only accepts single USDC deposits to earn fees. Users will deposit USDC and the SureYield Proprietary AI-Managed Protocol will automate all the complexities of yield-farming. Users can now just focus on earning USDC.

Higher Fees Allocation To Users: Previously, SureYield allocated 50% of all fees generated from the platform to users and an additional 25% of fees into the Insurance Vault. The insurance vault was designed as a way to recover loss of funds faced during impermanent loss however it required users to wait for the vault to accrue funds. Based on feedback from community members, SureYield decided to instead equally distribute the vault allocation to all users. For V2, SureYield is now allocating 80% of all fees to users.

Monthly Reward Program :At SureYield, we wanted to reward our users and increase engagement with our partner projects. This is why we are excited to introduce our monthly Reward Program. Each month, users have the chance to win big from a prize pool fueled by 5% of all fees generated from our concentrated liquidity positions.

Here’s how users can participate and boost their chances to win:

We’re redefining the yield farming landscape. Join the revolution!

About SureYield:
SureYield simplifies yield farming. Our AI-managed protocol handles all the complex tasks including automating complex strategies, empowering users to focus on earning USDC. Gone are the days of choosing pools and manually managing positions!

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Embrace the next level of staking with SureYield, where AI-driven liquidity management opens the door to surefire returns.