Partnership Announcement: SureYield X UniLend
4 min readJun 20, 2024


We are excited to announce that SureYield is partnering with UNILEND!! Unilend is renowned for its innovative approach to decentralized finance, offering a seamless and robust platform for lending and borrowing across multiple assets. We are thrilled to partner with a well-established DeFi project, enabling us to leverage each other’s strengths, expertise, and visibility.

How is Unilend community benefiting from SureYield?
Every time SureYield users deposit USDC or refer others to the platform, they receive tickets to win USDC from the monthly reward program. By choosing to support UniLend, the project will get 1% of the total tickets claimed by the user. This also presents an opportunity for UniLend project to also win the draw. The reward program aims at fostering consistent engagement and visibility for the UniLend project within the SureYield ecosystem.

About UniLend:
UniLend is a multichain permissionless lending and borrowing protocol for all ERC20 assets. They are building a futuristic base layer for all DeFi applications.

Problem Statement:
Existing DeFi solutions have left the majority of digital assets outside of the DeFi ecosystem. There are over 12900+ tokens/assets listed on coingecko. However, the current platforms such as Compound, Aave, Beta Finance, Maker DAO, and others, support less than 35 assets, thereby barring the majority of assets from participation in the DeFi ecosystem. Some protocols offer lending and borrowing with a limited set of tokens while others offer the freedom to trade any ERC20 assets but neglect the lending and borrowing aspect.

Solution: UniLend Finance
UniLend is bridging the gap in the DeFi market by combining the decentralization and permissionless aspect of enabling any ERC20 to be utilized as collateral for lending & borrowing with the innovation of isolated dual pool assets & giving users the choice of risk mitigation. Ultimately, UniLend aims to unlock the full potential of digital assets for its owners.

UniLend launched two versions of the protocol. UniLend V2 is the world’s first permissionless lending & borrowing protocol for ALL ERC20 tokens. It is currently live on Ethereum Mainnet. Anyone can lend and borrow any ERC20 tokens easily. Users can easily create a dual asset pool for lending & borrowing for any pair of assets in a permissionless manner with price feed oracles and gas optimization.

UniLend’s permissionless lending and borrowing protocol is poised to revolutionize the DeFi landscape. UniLend V2 stands out as one of the most sophisticated, secure, and capital-efficient DeFi protocols within the web3 ecosystem. The protocol is armed with Industries' Biggest Innovations:

Innovative Features of UniLend V2:

  1. Isolated Dual Asset Pool:
    UniLend V2 brings new innovations in this space to not only allow the permissionless nature of lending and borrowing but also mitigate risk for users. One such innovation is the development of Isolated Dual Asset Lending Pools. In UniLend v2, any user can create any ERC20/ERC20 pool to begin lending and borrowing for those assets. Every asset pair exists as an independent liquidity pool and has no cross-collateralization. The Dual Asset Pool model ensures a higher level of security where the volatility of one asset doesn’t compromise the entire protocol.
  2. NFT Tokenisation:
    UniLend v2 has also integrated NFTs for representing users’ liquidity positions. These NFTs act as certificates for equities. The descriptive nature of NFTs is better suited to manage higher dimension variables associated with lending and borrowing.
  3. Concentrated Liquidation:
    The UniLend team has developed a new liquidation mechanism named Concentrated Liquidations, wherein a third-party liquidator has the ability to liquidate multiple addresses in a single transaction by using a queue.
  4. Permissionless Flash Loans:
    UniLend protocol supports Flash Loans. Flash loans enable uncollateralized loans, given that the borrowed amount and the fee are returned within the same transaction. In case borrowed liquidity is not returned within one transaction block, the whole transaction is reversed in order to undo the actions initiated until that point.

Aave, Compound, Beta Finance, and Balancer are major competitors but none of them are permissionless for all ERC20 assets. They are gatekeepers or provide multi-pool solutions.

UniLend’s mission is to “Make Every Digital Asset Productive”. The concept for UniLend came from the simple idea of empowering every token with DeFi functionality. Essentially, UniLend Finance offers every DeFi capability imaginable for any ERC20 asset.

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About SureYield:
SureYield simplifies yield farming. Our AI-managed protocol handles all the complex tasks including automating complex strategies, empowering users to focus on earning USDC. Gone are the days of choosing pools and manually managing positions!
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