Partnership Announcement: SureYield X SynthSwap
2 min readJul 2, 2024


We’re excited to onboard SynthSwap as our community partner. SynthSwap is the leading DEX on Base. This partnership will combine our strengths and expertise, pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance. This collaboration will empower both communities with enhanced access to innovative DeFI tools and resources. Welcome aboard!

How is SynthSwap community benefiting from SureYield?
Every time SureYield users deposit USDC or refer others to the platform, they receive tickets to win USDC from the monthly reward program. By choosing to support SynthSwap, the project will get 1% of the total tickets claimed by the user. This also presents an opportunity for SynthSwap project to also win the draw. The reward program aims at fostering consistent engagement and visibility for the SynthSwap project within the SureYield ecosystem.

About SynthSwap:
Synthswap is the leading DEX on Base, completely audited by PeckShield. Compared to its competitors, Synthswap enables trading with the lowest fees! Rewards from Staking and Yield Farming are among the most lucrative.

All this and more is possible thanks to highly efficient Concentrated Liquidity, fully powered by Algebra. Uniquely to the Base ecosystem, Synthswap also offers its users an Active Liquidity Management solution which is making sure that the positions always remain in range.

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About SureYield:
SureYield simplifies yield farming. Our AI-managed protocol handles all the complex tasks including automating complex strategies, empowering users to focus on earning USDC. Gone are the days of choosing pools and manually managing positions!
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Embrace the next level of staking with SureYield, where AI-driven liquidity management opens the door to surefire returns.